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Wagyu Cattle Texas

Bulls for Sale

Wagyu Bull Kitaguni Jr
2yo Hirashigetayasu x Kitaguni Jr Bull
Mayura L10 x Itochiro dam
Mayura L10 Bull x Shigeshigetani
Mayura L10 x Itozurudoi dam
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Mayura L10 Super Bull Calves
....Here are 2 bulls with exceptionally high carcass EBV's:  marbling, growth and ribeye.  They are being registered in the Australian and American Wagyu Associations.  Their stated EBV's will be posted when available.  Each have outstanding phenotypes and are currently 4 months old and within 20 lbs of each other in regard to weight.  There is 1 out of Shigeshigetani dam and 1 (J0 tag) out of StoneyRun Itchiro (Itozurudoi dam) Current market prices have been, $8,000 to 12,000  

G631 is a very nice 23 month old bull.  His sire is the renown Hirashigetayasu (J001)  He brings size, frame, early maturity, milk and will add carcass quality to the equation.  His dam is a beautiful example of Wagyu genetics, being a daughter of Kitaguni Jr and double bred World Ks SUZUTANI!  His genetics are very desirable and with Suzutani as his dam's, grand dam, she actually passed on her mitochondria energy all the way through to his dam.  That is rare, as it is the only way the mitochondria can be passed along.  $7000.00  A complete and balanced premium bull that would best suit full blood breeders or for heifer seedstock.

1 of the 2 Mayura L10 bulls for sale.  This bull is out of Itochiro, who is sired by Itozurudoi TF151.  Click on the pics for pedigrees. You can see more pics at this link:

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