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We have embryos and calves bred from our elite Wagyu cow bloodlines to the foundation sire's:

The cow above sold for $21,000. in the Steaks are High Sale on April 21, 2018.  I have her full sister for sale.     

My FB21133  JC MS SHIGEFUKU 159  is 9 months younger and equally as good looking.  Will be bred in July or August.  $18,000. 

                               Wagyu Donor Cows

FB21133 by Shigefuku x Itoshigenami and WK's Takazakura

FB28665 by WK's Beijirou x Mitsuhikokura 149 and WK's Takazakura

FB25512 by Hirashigetayasu J2351 x WK's Michifuku and Kikuyasu 400

FB28667 by Itoshigefuji x Bar R 37R (Hirashigetayasu/Michifuku/Shigeshigetani)

FB25465 by Fukutsuru 068 x Mitsuhikokura 149 with Bar R genetics 

FB26383 by Kitateruyasudoi x WK's Sanjirou and Itozurudoi TF151

FB20120 by JVP Kikuyasu 400 x Itoshigefuji and Kimifuku 3

FB26056 by WK's Kitaguni Jr x WK's Sanjirou and WK's Takazakuru

FB24043 by TF Kikuhana x Itoshigenami x WK's Takazakura

FB24433 by Michiyoshi x Mitsuhikokura 149 and JVP Kikuyasu 400

FB32176 by UKB Dai 6 Kitaseki x Mazda and WK's Yasufuku Jr.

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